CIRCOTRONIC: Transnational Network of Circular Labs for Electrical and Electronic Equipment

Leading partner
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia
1.11.2021 - 1.11.2023
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Interreg Central Europe
Gospodarska zbornica Slovenije
Emilia-Romagna Region, Bavarian Research Alliance, Technical University of Kosice, Business Upper Austria – Upper Austrian business agency Ldt, t2i – Technology transfer and innovation, Elektryka Morska Sp. z o.o., Vienna University of Technology, The Agency for the Support of Regional Development Košice, Association Media Dizajn, Radex Zbigniew i Tomasz Nagay sp. j., ELVEZ, Manufacture of cable harnesses and processing of plastic, d.o.o. and TECOS Slovenian Tool and Die Development Centre.
The Transnational Network of Circular Laboratories for EEE, or CIRCOTRONIC for short, project under the Interreg Central Europe programme addresses the challenges of the production of electrical and electronic equipment.

Project description:

The production of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) is growing rapidly with the digitalisation of the economy, society and our daily lives, but has significant negative environmental impacts from the use of materials, emissions and greenhouse gases, the use of chemicals and waste.12 partners from the fields of business support, academia, policy-making and regional development have come together in a project consortium to pursue several objectives:

To promote sustainable growth by transforming the production of EEE in Central Europe according to the principles of the circular economy into efficient processes, value chains, products and services, and reducing the negative impact of EEE on the environment,
to develop a policy framework and implement circular economy policy measures that support the circular production of EEE and the management of waste as a resource.

Most of the CIRCOTRONIC project partners work together as a transnational network of regional circular laboratories seeking common solutions by introducing circular economy principles in EEE production in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). In doing so, we aim to capitalise on the knowledge, tools, approaches and instruments from existing projects and initiatives, and to adapt and test them in the EEE production sector.

TECOS's role:

TECOS, with its wide network and experience, has coordinated the development and piloting of the tools and approaches needed for the circular transition of EEE producers, while also setting up a circular laboratory. As an active project partner, we will work in particular on the integration of the Action Plan for the transition to a circular economy in the home Eastern Cohesion Region.

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In March, the three-year CIRCOTRONIC project started with a focus on the implementation of the circular economy of electrical and electronic products. Together with 12 partners, Circular Labs are defined and different tools in the topics of design, material recovery and business models are developed, which should support SMEs from the electronics industry in the implementation of circular solutions. In the last step, political framework conditions will be defined to further push the circular economy at EEE. The first partner meeting took place in Ljubljana at the end of May.

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