Company Presentation

Europe renowned technology centre!

TECOS was established in 1994 on the initiative of Slovenian toolmakers as a non-profit organisation by the Government of Slovenia, Municipality of Celje and Slovenian Chamber of Commerce.
Tecos is a highly qualified and motivated team of professionals with extensive practical experience. We also supplement the core of the team with mechanical engineering knowledge with experts from other industries (electrical, woodworking, construction, economics) in specific areas of research and our operations.
Our Vision

Our vision is to become the long-term strategic development partner to production companies in Slovenia and the wider region. Furthermore, to become a renowned European technological centre in the areas of the development of new products, moulds and technologies.

Our Mission

Own development and tracking of the most advanced technologies and scientific research achievements and their transfer to industrial practice in the fields of toolmaking and processing of materials, both polymeric and metallic. Rationalization of small and medium-sized enterprises in the industry by identifying, establishing and using a common R&D infrastructure.

Our Goals:

- to offer quality and efficient service to our clients
- to co-create the development of products and technologies with high added value
- to help Slovenian toolmakers to stable business growth
- to fill the voids in the field of production technologies within the formal education system.

Important milestones of the company

  • 1

    Establishment of TECOS

  • 2

    Establishment of a CAE department

  • 3

    Opening of a testing laboratory

  • 4

    TECOS is recognized as one of the leaders in the development of Industry 4.0 and the development of materials in Slovenia

  • 5

    TECOS becomes one of the leading partners in the Strategic Development Innovation Partnership SRIP Factories of the Future



dr. Aleš Hančič 03 490 09 21 041 391 155

Development, engineering services

mag. Andrej Glojek, vodja CAE oddelka 03 490 09 22 031 337 787

3D-scanning in 3D-measurement

Luka Botolin, produktni vodja digiCEN 03 426 46 08 031 864 149,


Špela Bordon, prijave in komunikacija 03 490 09 20

Project office

Natalija Potočnik, projektna sekretarka 03 426 46 10