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Krakow Technology Park ltd.
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04.2023 - 03.2026
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Interreg Central Europe
Other partners
Research Burgenland GmbH (Forschung Burgenland) - Austria, PROFACTOR GmbH - Austria, Fraunhofer IWU - Germany, microTech South West e.V. - Germany, SIIT Ligurian Technological District Integrated Intelligent Systems - Italy, COMET Scrl – Friuli Venezia Giulia Mechanical Engineering Cluster - Italy, TECOS, Slovenian tool and die development centre - Slovenia, Pannon Business Network Association - Hungary, Technical University of Kosice - Slovakia, Intemac Solutions ltd - Czechia, Croatian Chamber of Economy Varaždin County Chamber - Croatia
SMART CIRCUIT: enabling SMARTer, CIRCUlar digITal innovation hubs to enhance Central Europe’s manufacturing eco-system towards a greener & more competitive future.

Project description:

Manufacturing is an important employer in central Europe. But it is also resource-intensive and produces much waste and emissions, especially in value chains related to the electronics, construction and textiles sectors. The SMART CIRCUIT project extends the scope of existing digital innovation hubs to promote circular economy practices. By connecting these hubs throughout central Europe, the partners increase knowledge on best practices and strengthen capacities for circular manufacturing.

TECOS's role:

TECOS will coordinate the development and pilot testing of tools and approaches necessary for manufacturers’ circular transition and WP3, which focuses on designing, testing, and implementing industrial solutions (1 system, 4 DIH Solution Portfolios) for the manufacturing ecosystem in Central Europe. WP3 aims to build, test, implement, and expand sustainable systems for upgrading production chains, allowing companies to ‘experience’ the benefits of digital/technology-driven circular economy services and experiment with circular innovation to add value, achieve goals, and overcome functional challenges. Therefore, TECOS will participate in the implementation of pilot measures to test and design support services to enhance SMEs’ access to the research and technological innovation required to adopt such knowledge.

Like all other partners, TECOS has committed to executing general mandatory activities such as interviews, study visits, and participating in the international joint construction, testing, and upgrading of the project’s three pilot solutions. Additionally, TECOS will host a public conference in M31 and will conduct three technical courses as part of its hosting responsibilities.

For more information, Simona Knežević Vernon is available at the email address

More about project SMART CIRCUIT

The growth of production in Central Europe is linked to high resource usage, waste, and emissions, especially within value chains such as electronics, construction, and textiles. Circular economy is crucial to address this issue, but gaps still exist. The goal of the SMART CIRCUIT project is to promote digital and technological circular economy in Central European manufacturing through a connected network of innovation centers and the implementation of solutions with stakeholders to accelerate the adoption of circular economy practices. The project aims to facilitate an efficient transition to resource-efficient and competitive value chains in Central Europe, focusing on three resource-intensive value chains and circular economy. It develops stakeholder capabilities, enhances policy and financial actions for circular economy adoption, and supports upgrading companies in four value chains. The project encourages existing innovation centers to transfer excellent solutions between highly and less developed areas of the circular economy. Collaboration enables regenerative growth and competitiveness in manufacturing in Central Europe.