NEUMANN – Novel Energy and propUlsion systeMs for Air domiNaNce

Project coordinator:
50 months
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European Defence Fund (EDF)-undefined
Work package coordinator, WP7 - Advanced materials for novel propulsion systems
Politecnico di Torino, IT
37 partners from 12 European member countries, WP7 partners: Avio Aero , GKN, Rzeszow University of Technology, Neue Materialien, Lukasiewicz, Politecnico di Milano, ATLA, TECOS
NEUMANN is a pan-European collaborative project involving major players of the EU's Defence Technological and Industrial Base (EDITB), including key industry, mid-cap, SME, and research organization, to address the urgent need for strategic autonomy for the development of building blocks needed for competitive novel propulsion and energy systems for future air dominance.
The project addresses a propulsion and energy systems technologies required for a highly efficient powerplant, able to deliver at the same time increased electrical power generation and increased thrust-to-weight ratio, that are not available today in Europe but will be necessary to cope with the mission requirements and operational needs of the next generation of fighter aircraft.

Project description:

Among the 61 programs selected to be funded by the European Defense Fund’s (EDF, or FED) there is also NEUMANN, a consortium made up of 37 companies, universities, and research centres from 12 European Member States. The EDF grant allocated funds for 50 months of research and development activities of the consortium led by AVIO AERO, for a total worth of about €56.5 million.

The goal of the NEUMANN project is to develop technologies and perform collaborative system studies for novel energy aircraft domains, with focus on propulsion, and electrical and thermal systems and management, to achieve in over four-year period a proof of system integration functionalities and increased confidence in enabling technology readiness at both subsystems and system level up to TRL 4. Ground demonstrators will be developed through nine work packages and used to assess the technology integration and their validation.

Besides the broad industry presence, it is of utmost importance that LEONARDO and SAAB as aircraft manufacturers are part of the NEUMANN project, which is fundamental for optimal power integration at platform level. The NEUMANN project will enable strategic autonomy in the defence sector for the power and propulsion systems, in particular for high temperature materials, thermal management enhanced by additive manufacturing technologies, energy generation and management and control systems. The NEUMANN project will fertilize knowledge transfer and implementation of new technologies in the EU, establish important new cross-border collaborations with SME and mid-caps in the defence sector.

TECOS's role:

TECOS is part of NEUMANN consortium, and is mainly devoted to Work Package 7, focused on advanced thermal barrier coatings for a more efficient protection of aircraft turbine blades and vanes for the thermal protection. In particular TECOS will be responsible for adhesion tests and coating behaviour modelling.

For more information about the TECOS’s role in NEUMANN project please contact:

Vesna Žepič Bogataj, PhD. (

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