RRI NOO AIS – Acoustic Intelligent System project

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1. 11. 2022 – 31. 10. 2024 (24 mesecev)
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Ostali partnerji
TECOS Slovenian Tool and Dye Development Centre
The AIS - Acoustic Intelligent System project is focused on the development of a comprehensive software solution that will enable a significant improvement and greater efficiency of the injection molding process.

Project description:

The partner consortium coordinated by the company TEHNOMAT obtained financing for the development of AIS from the Spirit Slovenia public tender Incentives for research and development projects NOO. By the end of October 2024 we intend to develop with our partner a working example of the final AIS product in accordance with the guidelines of the green transition. The AIS will enable full user functionality for better control of the injection molding process in several areas:

  • ensuring a reduction in the amount of waste,
  • extension of tool life,
  • reducing the cost of spraying tool repairs.
  • reduction of total production costs due to integration into the company’s information system and
  • increasing production efficiency at the expense of material and energy savings.

TECOS's role:

With knowledge, development, research work and cooperation with project partner, TECOS will develop a comprehensive software solution with full electronic functionality and validate the new solution in an industrial environment.

For more information about the project contact dr. Dragan Kusić at dragan.kusic@tecos.si.

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