TECOS is a part of the largest European project in the field of 3D printing

TECOS Slovenian Tool and Dye Development Center is one of the partners in the international project Optimization of production using 3D printing techniques (3DoP) within the framework of the new program of the European Innovation Council and the Agency for Small and Medium Enterprises (EISMEA) – Interregional innovative investments. 33 partners from all over Europe participate in the project, and TECOS has thus joined the currently largest project in the field of 3D printing in Europe, worth more than 14 million euros.

For TECOS, this is one of the biggest projects because, in addition to confirming our knowledge in the field of 3D printing, it enabled us to obtain funds for the establishment of our demonstration center focused on process industries and additive manufacturing of process industries and additive process industries.

The idea of ​​the project comes from the Vanguard initiative and the partnership formed in this initiative. The main goal of the project is to stimulate additive manufacturing and the production capacities of companies and to encourage investment by companies in additive manufacturing technologies.

As part of the work group, TECOS will develop technologies and approaches for the direct installation of electronic circuits in 3D printed products and products through the search for the best technologies, their testing, the development of pilot production lines and the search for new applications. We will establish a European value chain and promote the acquired knowledge among small and medium-sized companies. We believe that the project’s activities will be reflected in the increased investment of companies in 3D printing technologies, the identification of new areas of application, improved knowledge of companies and the promotion of 3D printing and additive technologies among companies and innovators.

As part of the 3DoP project, TECOS leads the work group of direct installation of electronic circuits in 3D-printed products and implements project activities with the cooperation of key partners Signify, TNO, TRAXCON, Technology Park Krakow, Razvojna agency PORIN, CAP d.o.o., Photo4Chem and Trentino Sviluppo.