1POINT partners held the 3. regular meeting on 4.3.2021

Na tem srečanju so partnerji projekta 1Point skupaj preverili pridobljene rezultate na A1 – Raziskava, ki je bila v zadnjih mesecih izvedena v Sloveniji, na Cipru, v Grčiji, Italiji in Španiji. Poudarek je bil na splošnem pogledu na obstoječe tečaje in na seznam nacionalnih kvalifikacij, ki bi lahko bile pomembne za profil ECVET.

Project partners participated on the third regular monthly meeting of 1POINT project, which was held online on 4.3.2021. The main goal of the meeting was to evaluate the obtained results of the research activities (O1/A1 – Research) in partner countries and to have a better insight look on existing courses along with national qualifications, and to check the progress that was made on activity A2 – Training methodology.
In this meeting 1POINT project partners jointly checked the obtained results on A1 – Research that was conducted in the last months in Slovenia, Cyprus, Greece, Italy and Spain. The focus was given to the overarching view of existing courses and to the list of national qualifications that may be relevant for the ECVET profile.

From last meeting we saw that there are some differences is larger partner countries such as Spain and Italy which have more dedicated maintenance learning courses and VET programmes compared to for example in Cyprus, Greece and Slovenia.
In case of Slovenia, we saw that there are real current learning needs in AR, VR, 3D printing and LEAN manufacturing sector based on our interviews and talks that we help with larger production companies and Slovenian maintenance Society. Also, we identified the lack of communication in these sectors between older and younger maintenance stuff besides the level of knowledge and bigger gap in digital skills. Besides that, also the maintenance training knowledge/skills are in several occasions provided individually by sales companies under condition that you buy/order on of their solutions from the AR, VR, 3D printing and LEAN manufacturing sector. In case of existing curricula there are few related to 3D printing in Slovenia. Similar findings and conclusions have been reported also from other partner countries. In case of O1/A2 both partners Atlantis and TECOS presented to the project consortium the potential 1POINT training methodology that they discussed and all consortium agreed to this new training methodology to be further developed through an adaptive transformation of the 1 Point process, specialised for the field of VET with focus on the specialities of the maintenance domain.
At the end of this third regular online meeting the consortium agreed to continue the good work and will add more dissemination news on the company project website, twitter and linkedin account.

The next monthly meeting will be held in beginning of April 2021.
This project has been funded with support from the European Commission – Project Reference: 2020-1-SI01-KA202-076060.

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