1POINT partners held the 2. regular meeting on 12.2.2021

Project partners participated on the second regular monthly meeting of 1POINT project, which was held online on 12.2.2021. The main goal of the meeting was to evaluate the obtained results of the research activities (O1/A1 – Research) in partner countries and check the activity A2 – Training methodology.
In this meeting 1POINT project partners jointly checked the obtained results on A1 – Research that was conducted in the last months in Slovenia, Cyprus, Greece, Italy and Spain. The obtained A1 results were similar between the partnership countries. The only difference is that larger countries such as Spain and Italy have more dedicated maintenance learning courses and VET programmes compared to Slovenia, Greece and Cyprus. From the gathered information partners agreed to move further and finalize their national reports as agreed for O1/A1. Besides that, the consortium tackled also the second project activity that is related to training methodology where we exchanged our opinions and agreed to support the leading partner Atlantis in jointly effort to prepare an adequate training methodology.

Overall, based on O1/A1 conclusions we can confirm that there is a real need to propose a specific training course as the one that the project aims to structure and make it later available to the industrial maintenance world and training.
Consortium agreed to continue the good work and finalize the conduction of a comparative analysis on currently offered maintenance trainings in each partner country and in some additional EU countries by also checking the existing curricula that is available.

The next monthly meeting will be held in beginning of March 2021.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission – Project Reference: 2020-1-SI01-KA202-076060.

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