The reuse of wire assemblies in the ELVEZ company as one of the first concrete challenges of the CIRCOTRONIC project

The reduction of negative environmental impacts and the introduction of circular approaches in the production of electrical and electronic equipment (EEO) are the fundamental goals of the 12 project partners of the CIRCOTRONIC project – Transnational network of circular laboratories for EEO (Intrerreg Central Europe). Through the identification of EEO challenges, the partners want to find sustainable and circularly oriented solutions or good practices that would help in the long term to transform the production of EEE in Central Europe according to the principles of the circular economy with efficient processes, value chains, products and services and to reduce the negative impacts of EEE on the environment.

Poškodovani uporabljeni žični sklopi namenjeni za ponovno uporabo.One of the partners of the CIRCOTRONIC project is also the company Elvez, specialized in the supply of plastic injection components, metallization parts and cable harness solutions. The project cooperation of the company Elvez gives all partners an extremely direct insight into the challenges of EEE producers in introducing circular economy concepts, and at the same time also an exceptional opportunity to pilot new solutions. Elvez highlights the reuse of wire assemblies as one of the challenges within the CIRCOTRONIC project. In the rather time-consuming process of disassembling wire assemblies, they have to separate different materials.

At the same time, the company Elvez notes that most of the parts that they want to reuse are damaged and potentially unusable due to disassembly. Most of the work is done manually, which represents an additional time burden and complexity, etc.

The CIRCOTRONIC project works as a transnational network of regional circular laboratories, which seeks common solutions by implementing circular economy principles in the production of EEE in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

That is why the first step of the partner consortium will be aimed at identifying already existing processes and solutions that address the challenges of the Elvez company. By identifying good practices in the field of sustainable ways of reusing EEE (semi-)products, the partners will be able to evaluate the existing options on the concrete challenge of the Elvez company, and in the next steps also test them, as the CIRCOTRONIC project also enables practical support for companies in testing and implementing circular practices.

With its wide network and experience, TECOS will coordinate the development and piloting of tools and approaches necessary for the circular transition of EEO producers, and at the same time will also establish a circular laboratory. As an active project partner, we will primarily strive to include an action plan for the transition to a circular economy in the domestic eastern cohesion region of Slovenia.


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