CIRCOTRONIC gives companies free trial of tools to ease the transition to a circular economy

TECOS Slovenian Tool and Die Development Centre, as a partner in the CIRCOTRONIC project (Interreg CE), offers small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) operating in the field of electrical and electronic equipment manufacturing access to test various tools to facilitate the transition to a circular economy by applying to a public call for proposals.

Call for Participation in project CIRCOTRONIC Interreg CE Pilot Activities

We are pleased to announce the launch of pilot activities within the CIRCOTRONIC project, an Interreg Central Europe initiative focused on transforming the production of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) towards circular economy principles.

We are offering SMEs the opportunity to test and integrate the following tools designed to facilitate circular economy transformations:

  1. CYRKL – Market Place: An online platform for the exchange of waste materials, promoting recycling and reuse within the industry. More about CYRKL Market Place
  2. CYRKL Scan: This tool assists companies in analyzing their waste streams for improved resource management and cost savings. Explore CYRKL Scan
  3. Ecochain Mobius: A robust tool for life-cycle assessment, providing insights into environmental impacts and helping to guide eco-design initiatives. Learn about Ecochain Mobius
  4. CircitNorden Circular Assessment Tool: Designed to assess the circularity of product concepts to align with sustainable manufacturing processes. Visit CircitNorden


Benefits of Participation:

Participating companies will have free access to these tools, guidance on their implementation, and the opportunity to shape their features and usability through direct feedback during the pilot phase.

How to Apply:

Interested SMEs are requested to express their interest by submitting an application through form provided HERE. Please include a brief description of your company and your motivation for participating in this pilot.

Deadline for Applications:

Please submit your applications by 25th June 2025.

We look forward to collaborating with forward-thinking SMEs eager to drive sustainability in their operations.