With D-Mould to a digital system for a smart injection molding production line

TECOS Slovenian Tool and Dye Development Centre, in cooperation with the companies Polycom and Flexido, pursued the goal of establishing a digital system for a smart injection molding production line within the framework of the D-Mould project.

We improved and equipped the production line at the manufacturing company Polycom with sensors, a visual control system and supported it with robots, cobots and SDV through NGSI agents and the open source context broker FIWARE to the company’s MES and ERP system. The system uses NGSI agents to collect and analyze data from the production line and display the results in the RAMP platform.



The D-Mould project is part of DIH², funded by the Horizon 2020 – the European Union’s Framework for research and innovation. Horizon 2020 is aimed at transferring great ideas from the laboratories to the market and is placed in the Europe 2020 Strategy, which aims to achieve smart, sustainable and inclusive economic growth for the future of Europe.

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