TECOS in Sardinia with a good practice example of recycled materials from waste products

TECOS Slovenian Tool and Die Development Centre presents biodegradable packaging for natural cosmetics made from citrus waste materials with a good practice example of the LIFE Citruspack project at the SARDINIA 2023 – 19th International Symposium on Waste Management and Sustainable Landfilling (October 9-13 2023).


Dr. Vesna Žepič Bogataj as a Chairwoman of C05 Session on Biorefinery Processes, moderated a discussion of interesting scientific contributions in the field of innovative biorefinery processes, innovative technologies and environemtal impacts.

In Session C11 on Innovative recycled materials from waste, Dr. Žepič Bogatajeva presented TECOS’s achievements from LIFE Citruspack project on biodegradable packaging for natural cosmetics from citrus waste materials, with a focus on:

  • Investigating the use of citrus peel powder in novel biocomposite materials for value-added packaging and cosmetic products;
  • Polylactic acid (PLA) compounding with citrus powder in different ratios to valorise its reinforcement potential for fully biobased and compostable plastic packaging;
  • Characterization of composites for mechanical, morphological and thermal properties;
  • Validation of packaging demonstrators via thermostability analyses and compatibility performance tests with cosmetic simulants and newly formulated cosmetic products.