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State-of-the-art equipment for your optimised solutions

We use only cutting edge equipment of leading suppliers. All equipment is regularly maintained and checked multiple times per year.

Injection Moulding Equipment

hi-res logotip wittmannWITTMANN servo manipulator

Highly-capable servo manipulator for automation of plastics injection with ''pick&place'' applications.

Fanuc Roboshot ALPHA S50IA/330/IT
hi-res logotip fanuc - rumen

Fully-electric machine for injection moulding with low energy consumption, using high-precision technology.

KraussMaffei KM 80/380 CXInjection Moulding Machine KraussMaffei 80/380 CX
Injection machine from one of the leading manufacturers with 800 kN clamping force. With the equipment we can capture and monitor cavity sensors and precisely control the process.

Arburg Allrounder 150SInjection Moulding Machine Arburg Allrounder 150S
Very precise machine with 150kN clamping force with several injection units for processing of thermoplasts, thermosets and metal injection moulding. It is used also for micro injection moulding projects, possible through double positioning of the screw.
WindsorAdditional Injection Unit Windsor
Professional unit for two-component moulding in combination with KraussMaffei and Arburg machines.
Dodatna brizgalna enota BabyplastAdditional injection unitBabyplast 6/10
60kN clamping force, compatible with all machines, for two-component injection of thermoplasts.

Quick change mould system from HASCO and Meusburger
Alltogether three systems for both KraussMaffei and Arburg machines enable us a quick and cost efficient production of cavity inserts for prototype, test or series tooling, whether from aluminium, Al-Epoxy, steel or other rapid tooling technology.

CAx software for numerical analyses

Programski paket AbaqusAbaqus for structural FEM analyses
One of the two market leading products for numerical calculation enables us to perform advanced analyses such as non-linear, composites, coupled process-structural, eigen values, dynamic analyses and more.

Autodesk Simulation Moldflow InsightAutodesk Simulation Moldflow Insight for injection moulding analyses
ASMI is market leading product for simulating the injection moulding process. We use it over 15 years and cooperate closely with the development on one segment, which gives us direct contacts and speed while resolving ambigous situations.

3D scanning, inspection and reverse engineering

Structured light 3D scanner ATOS CS 5M
ATOS CS 5M is the latest generation non-contact optical 3D scanner of the market leading supplier GOM. It enables robust and flexible scanning of small and large objects with market leading accuracy of 5 microns. It is compact and portable and enables us to scan large projects at the customer's location. The bundled software solution enables us quick dimensional control in forms of colour deviation plots, measurements of dimensions and quick GD&T analyses.

Reverse engineering software Geomagic StudioGeomagic Studio 12
Leading reverse engineering product enables us to very quickly reconstruct surface or solid models based on 3D scanned data. Its main power is the possibility to reconstruct both "organic" (eg. toys, ornaments, statues, artistic specimens) and prismatic shapes (functional surfaces such as planes, cylinders, cones etc.).

Siemens NXSiemens NX
One of market leading products for CAD design and CNC programming.

Material characterisation and measurements of industrial processes

Special moulds for preparation of test specimens

  • on-line measurements of process parameters
  • test specimens for tensile and bending tests
  • testing of adhesion for two-component moulding
  • melt-flow index testing

Process measurements

  • Kistler cavity pressure sensor for injection moulding tools
  • cavity temperature sensors
  • data loggers for long-term measurements of digital signals (eg. temperature)

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