Sports personality of 2017 awards go to Goran Dragić, Ilka Štuhec and Slovenian national basketball team 13:12:2017

The 50th jubilee award for sports personalities of the year given by The Slovenian association of Sports journalists (DŠNS) go to: basketball player Goran Dragić, Alpine skier Ilka Štuhec and the Slovenian national basketball team. Luka Dončić became the most outstanding young sports personality of the year thus becoming the third sports personality of the year. The awards were given at the acclaimed awards ceremony on Tuesday 12th December in Cankarjev dom in Ljubljana.

Congratulations to our sportsmen and women for their incredible sporting achievements in 2017! We will keep our fingers crossed for 2018! 


sportnik leta 2017

Marinko Dragić, father of Goran Dragić, Ilka Štuhec and Rado Trifunović with their sports personality of the year awards. 
Photo: Aleš Fevžer

sportniki leta 2017 2

Mirjam Poterbin, mother of Luka Dončić accepted the award on her son's behalf.  
Photo: Žiga Zupan/Sportida

Something that perhaps you did not know is that TECOS Tool and Die Development Centre Slovenia reverse engineered handmade sculptures that contributed to the creation of the statue itself which was given to winners of the Sports Personality of the Year Award.

The SIJ Group is one of the sponsors of the biggest sporting event and took the initiative to produce the statues. With TECOS' reverse engineering knowledge and services, the SIJ Group (companies included in the group are also members of TECOS toolmakers) was stood on the sidelines watching as the handmade sculptures were transferred into 3D-computer formats that were the basis for the casting tools.

The production process of the statues:

glinena skulptura sportnik leta3d sken kipca iz gline sportnik leta 13d model sportnik letaskulptura sportnik leta

1. Hand crafted sculptures made from clay.

2. 3D-scan of the statue made from clay.

3. 3D-model made on the basis of the scan.

4. First attempt at casting.

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