3D scanning responsible for important aerodynamic changes in racing aircraft 12:09:2017

The TECOS Slovenian Tool and Die Development Centre is the leading technological centre in the field of 3D-scanning, reverse engineering and 3D-measurements. It offers its supports both to manufacturing companies in providing stable production and individuals who need 3D-data, want to analyse and modify an existing product or need a credible copy of a product, statue or ornament. 

One of the most interesting examples employing TECOS-engineers is a 3D-scan of the acrobatic aircraft by Peter Podlunšek for the competition in the elite class of the Red Bull Air Race. 3D-scanning of the outer part of the Zivko EDGE 2 aircraft , cabin part, wing ends, engine and wheel covers enabled Podlunšek to execute extremely important aerodynamic changes on the lid and lower aircraft part as well as wings, since the competition rules only allow changes in transformation of the exterior. Although the aircraft engine must remain intact due to the rules of the organizer, by using engine scanning we checked how much of the manoeuvring space the Podlunšek team has in the exterior modifications. The only changes that a competitor can perform on an aircraft are aerodynamic changes. Interventions in the engine are not permitted, except for modifying accessories such as airbox, brackets, protections ...

3D scanning was performed in several stages in the field at Aeroclub Murska Sobota. With regular simulation of the aircraft aerodynamics during the flight, while changing some settings and by additional calculations, the Podlunšek team decided for optimal changes of the aircraft exterior. The performance of simulations and measurements is most clearly demonstrated by the placing; in the elite class of Red Bull Air Race competitions, Podlunšek was placed on the winning stage, which is an exceptional honour for both him and Slovenian aviation.

In TECOS, we congratulate Peter Podlunšek for this achievement, and at the same time we are grateful and proud to be a part of this successful story as well.


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