In scope of the HIA project, funded by the European Comission and coordinated by TECOS with the help of SRIP FoF, we are launching an open call for the international expert group, where we invite Industry 4.0 experts to apply. This is the first of the overall three open calls within this project.

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TECOS v okviru Strateško razvojno inovacijskega partnerstva Tovarne prihodnosti (SRIP TOP) – faza III, financiranega iz Evropskega sklada za regionalni razvoj objavlja poziv k oddaji ponudbe za nakup Stroja za brizganje polimerov v razvojno demonstracijske namene (polni električni pogon). Vse zainteresirane vabimo k oddaji ponudbe in pregledu Povabila. Za nadaljnje informacije smo vam na voljo na naslovih:; Rok za oddajo ponudb je 3.8.2020. 

The Energy Globe Award is one of the most prestigious environmental prizes received by the projects focusing on energy efficiency, renewable energy and resource conservation. Awards are granted on national and international level. Among the national winners for 2020 is LIFE CEPLAFIB project, coordinated by Slovenian research centre TECOS.

We invite you to participate in call for submission of offers for expert services in steering S3HubsinCE project thematic Workpackage No.3 - spread! transnational policy learnings for RIS3. Call is opened till the 10th of July 2020.  

More informations about the call is in supporting documentation below.




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TECOS Razvojni center orodjarstva Slovenije je od junija tudi uradno član nemškega orodjarskega združenja VDWF (Verband Deutscher Werkzeug- und Formenbauer e.V.). Sodelovanje med nemškim in slovenskim orodjarskim združenjem ima dolgo brado, a v zadnjih petih letih smo sodelovanje okrepili in nadgradili z redno izmenjavo dobrih praks, obiski in tudi poslovnimi srečanji.

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Kako lahko za tretjino vrednosti investicije v novo proizvodno linijo podaljšate življenjsko dobo obstoječe za 15 let? Odgovor se skriva v protokolih in strategijah za podaljšanje življenjske dobe kapitalskih naložb in velike industrijske opreme, ki jih s partnerji razvijamo v okviru projekta LEVEL-UP.

LIFE BioTHOP project addresses the challenge of developing a new cross-sector value chain to produce biodegradable, compostable and recyclable products with enhanced environmental sustainability and mechanical functionality. These new bioplastic products will compete with the fossil-based counterparts in terms of price by utilising low cost waste-derived hop fillers; in mechanical functionality, through the use of a composite approach; and in sustainability terms, through the vertical energy integration of mass site production pathways.

Two of the first results of the SAMANTHA project (Skills in Additive MANufacturing for the Toolmaking and HAbitat Sectors) are a project leaflet and a report in which the partners identify what technical knowledge and cross-related skills are desirable in employee training curricula and whether the current training offer is in line with labor market needs. 

LIFE BioTHOP project, in which TECOS is participating as a project partner, announces the first photo contest, through which you can win some practical awards. The thematic of this competition is HOPS & ENVIRONMENT, which covers the importance of the sustainable production for our beautiful and healthy environment and the co-existence of the agriculture, residents and animals.

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V TECOS Razvojnem centru orodjarstva Slovenije smo sicer v skladu z nastalimi razmerami prilagodili poslovanje in večinoma poslujemo na daljavo, a kljub drugačnim razmeram ostajamo podporno okolje slovenskega orodjarstva, ki članom stoji ob strani. TECOS članom ponuja dodatno podporo v obliki svetovanja in iskanja novih priložnosti povezovanja med orodjarskimi podjetji. Za vse dodatne informacije je na voljo direktor TECOS-a dr. Aleš Hančič na e-naslovu in tel. številki 041 391 155.

From September 2019 until April 2020 partners of SAMANTHA project: Skills in Additive MANufacturing for the Toolmaking and HAbitat Sectors will be involved in the realization of the first intellectual product of the project. Specifically, in a report on the situation and evolution of additive Manufacturing in the toolmaking and Habitat sectors and related VET training offer: high-tech T-shaped skills and competences in different occupations (mismatches).

As part of the ADMA (European Advanced Manufacturing Support Center) project, of which TECOS is also a partner, three Learning Network events will be organized in March to showcase the latest technologies within the Factories of the Future. Participation is mainly recommended for directors and executives.

The kick off meeting of the project SAMANTHA took place between 24th and 25th September 2019 in Karlsruhe at KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), Germany. 

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