The AMT2P VET training brings advanced production techniques closer to employees in the plastics sector

The use of advanced production techniques in vocational education and training on the example of the plastics sector summarizes the essence of the Erasmus+ project AMT2P, in which TECOS Slovenian Tool and Die Development Centre participates as a partner. We focused our project activities mainly on 72-hour training, preparation of methodology, modules and content that would contribute to bridging the gap between the opportunities of advanced production techniques and the lack of knowledge of employees in this field.

The 72-hour VET training consists of 3 modules, each of which has additional chapters:

3D printing

  1. knowledge of 3D materials,
  2. 3D materials,
  3. CAD Modelling and 3D Design,
  4. Post-processing and Surface Finishing.

– Robotics

  1. Robot Operating System (ROS),
  2. Using Robot Symulation Software,
  3. Artificial Intelligence – Basics
  4. Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR).

– Injection

  1. Understanding Injection Process and Stages,
  2. Identify and Classify Plastic Materials,
  3. Preventive Maintenance,
  4. Quality Control Analyses.

The training consists of a 30-hour online learning process on the platform with additional 42 hours of self-learning. The entire learning process is supported with assesment process. After completing the training, the participant acquires the title of expert in advanced production techniques.

TECOS’s role in the proces is mainly focused on the training methodology, where with knowledge and experience we ensure the suitability of the training for the industry. For a short, concise and understandable presentation of the project, the partners of the AMT2P project have prepared a brochure that briefly summarizes the fundamental goals and desired results of the project activities.

(You can flip through the brochure by clicking on the photo.)

The project partners also summarized the events and the process in two newsletters. The first newsletter, available HERE, is focused on the project presentation and plans. In second newsletter, available HERE, we summarized the milestones in the development of the training and described in more detail the modules that will be available.

Details about the project can also be found on the website of the AMT2P project, or you can contact dr. Dragan Kusić at