TECOS in Public Media

All articles are in Slovenian language.

14.04.2014Delo / If we weren’t good, we wouldn’t cooperate with the automotive industry
oktober 2013Celjan / Crystal coat of arms will be possible to win only once in a lifetime
20.04.2011Celjan / In Celje there is a center of Slovene toolmakers
april 2011IRT 3000 / Easier and faster GD&T control
oktober 2010IRT 3000 / Which method for precise 3D geometrical inspection to choose and when
19.11.2009STA / TECOS celebrates 15 years
19.11.2009Celjan / TECOS celebrates 15 years
19.11.2009Radio Celje / TECOS celebrates 15 years
06.08.2009Delo / The replacement almost as good as the healthy hand
05.08.2009Večer – 7 dni / Now, it seems, noone stares at me anymore
23.07.2009Delo / Saving of the Koper’s Savior
09.07.2009Delo / Kneading of virtual clay
12.01.2006Delo / Slovenia can be the leading toolshop of Europe
6.12.2001Finance / TECOS presents itself to Europe
 IRT 3000 / To the world throne also with state-of-the-art technology
 Delo – Soča / The replacement almost as good as the healthy hand
 Novi tednik Cetis / For entertainment devices, industrial designers and toolmakers
 Delo / Smart environments for new connections



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