Solutions for Quality Control and Geometry Inspection


  • Do you need coordinate measurements but your internal department is overbooked?
  • Do you have to check the deviation of a freeform surface and your equipment is unsuitable for this?
  • Do you need a fast inspection of first samples out of tool?
  • Do you have problems with ensuring quality and stability of production?


We can help you solve your challenges!


Our services in this field:


1. Fast and high quality optical 3D inspection with state-of-the-art certified structured light 3D scanner or CT scanner:

  • high accuracy 3D scanning (accuracy up to 0,005 mm)
  • CT (computer tomography) scanning of hollow parts
  • colour deviation plots of scanned data compared to originating CAD model
  • GD&T control
  • creation of measurement reports


2. Laboratory testing of polymer materials (rheology, mechanical properties, chemical composition):

  • determination of tensile and impact strength (tensile and Charpy test)
  • production of test samples from thermoplasts or thermosets
  • spiral flow test
  • melt flow index test
  • validation of material data for injection moulding simulations
  • chemical composition testing
  • pVT data test
  • etc.



Why choose us:

  • state-of-the-art equipment
  • more than 10 year experience in the concerned fields
  • high quality results in 3D form for geometry inspection (archiving and later measurements possible)
  • large collection of laboratory equipment for material testing (together with partners)
  • short response times



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