Solutions for Artists, Restoration Specialists, Archeologists, Industrial Designers…


  • Are you an artist? Do you need 3D scanning of arbitrary shapes (statues, ornaments, hand crafted arts) and creation of exact replica of a 3D object, scaled or in natural size?
  • Are you a restoration specialist or archeologist? Do you need a reliable partner for precise 3D scanning and creation of replicas of statues, facades, brooches, coins etc. for the needs of cultural heritage preservation and analyses of excavations?
  • Are you an industrial designer? Do you need to transfer a hand crafted prototype into 3D computer model for further modifications, development and production?
  • Are you none of the above but still need a very precise scan of 3D shape for personalisation of a product (e.g. reduction of weight of your motorbike)?



At TECOS we can help you!


At TECOS we successfully help restoration specialists, artists, industrial designers and others with need for precise 3D scanning and reverse engineering for a number years. Weare successful because we:

  • have state-of-the-art equipment with possibility for on-site scanning, even outdoors
  • possess excellent knowledge in materials and production technologies
  • can produce high details on small and large objects (e.g. scanning of coins)
  • have extensive experience and a wide spectrum of specific know-how


The pictures below show practical examples. Click them for more information.


Our range of services in this field:

  • 3D scanning of existing objects (on-site, outdoors)
  • detailed scanning of small and large dimensions (over 3 meters and under 10 mm)
  • production of copies in natural or scaled size
  • wide array of technologies and materials
  • creation of computer 3D data for digital archives
  • creation of functional CAD models for customised replacement parts (e.g. reducing weight of sport equipment)


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