Research Fields


Applied industrial research and development are performed on the following fields:


Material Processing Technologies

  • Polymer processing (injection moulding, micro injection moulding)
  • Casting and metal forming
  • Monitoring and control of production processes
  • New and emerging processing technologies (powder injection moulding, thixomoulding)


  • Biodegradable polymers
  • Functional materials (nanotechnology)
  • Light metals (Mg, Al, Ti…)
  • Composite materials


  • industrial sensorics (new methods of sensing)
  • actuators and control systems
  • authonomous production systems (self-detection and correction of deviations of critical process parameters, IoT, Industry 4.0)
  • remote control via internet

Napredne »Multyphysics« numerične analize
Advanced »Multyphysics« numerical analyses

  • mathematical modelling of complex systems
  • thermal-mechanical analyses of processes and products
  • solid-liquid interaction system
  • dinamic and non-linear analyses (creep, temperature dependent material properties etc.)

Analyses of environment impact (LCA)

  • Lyfe-cycle assesment
  • Lyfe-cycle cost analyses (LCCA)
  • Implementation of improvements based on analyses results




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