Optimisation of Injection Moulding


Reduce your injection moulding costs, ensure reliable operation of your moulds and produce aesthetical and dimensionally accurate products!


  • Has the product design phase indicated a high risk of potential problems in the industrialisation of your product?
  • Do you have problems with excessive warpage of your products, especially with fiber reinforced materials?
  • Do you wish to design products optimised for injection moulding technology?
  • Are the costs of your try-outs in production environment too high?
  • Do you have problems with aesthetical moulding errors (sink marks, weld lines etc.)?
  • Have you reached the dead-end in solving problems with your mould (short shots, air traps, subpar sample quality, core shift etc.)?

TECOS – the right address when you need an advice of an experienced expert in product design, mould production or process optimisation!

We have over 17 years of experience in advanced injection moulding simulations.

Below are some examples of our projects. Click for enlargement and short description.

The range of services with which we help our partners to their competitive advantages:

  • advanced injection moulding simulations
  • analysis of cavity filling influence on product characteristics
  • runner system design and optimisation (from the aspects of easy material flow, aesthetics, warpage, clamping force etc.)
  • prediction of shrinkage and product warpage
  • warpage compensation in moulds (based on analyses results we deform the cavity surfaces in the direction opposite to warpage)
  • on-site troubleshooting and problem solving (dimensions, aesthetics)
  • analyses of core deflection
  • tool trials on our injection moulding machines (list of machines)
  • consultancy for material selection (based on environment conditions, mechanical properties, wear resistance, aesthetics, food contact, manufacturability etc.)
  • approval of tool design


We are the right answer to your needs because we:

  • have more than 18 years of successful stories and satisfied clients
  • are experienced experts with an extensive hands-on experience
  • use state-of-the-art software Autodesk Simulation Moldflow Insight
  • guarantee fast response times
  • offer our clients technical support for our solutions
  • constantly invest into our knowledge and equipment thus offering you the latest know-how and technologies



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