Injection Moulding & Rapid Tooling Services

  • Is the material you need for your prototypes not available for Rapid Prototyping?
  • Do you need a larger amount of fully functional prototypes (100-2000)?
  • Do you need to quickly produce your prototype tool?
  • Are you simply in need of a good advice how to produce your prototype quickly and cost effectively?


TECOS is the right answer for your prototyping needs!



Our services in the field of prototyping:

  • rapid tooling, also Al-epoxy tooling
  • injection moulding of prototype and small batches of plastic products (from 100 to 10.000 per year)
  • large spectrum of materials (thermoplast, thermosets, LSR, MIM)
  • multi-component injection (2k and 3k)
  • own capacity until 150 g or 80 ton clamping force, larger can be subcontracted
  • micromoulding and overmoulding
  • ultrasonic welding



If your product does not fit our portfolio we will help you find the right partner or carry out the project for you!


Why choose us:

  • more than 15 year hands-on experience
  • focus on smaller batches (organisation and equipment)
  • short response time
  • latest know-how in the field
  • one stop shop (idea-development-prototype-testing)



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