Dr. Vesna Žepič

Bereich: Forstwirtschaft, Holz- und Papierindustrie

Vesna Žepič obtained her Bachelor’s degree in 2010 from the Forestry and Renewable Forest Resources Managament at Biotechnical Faculty, University in Ljubljana. In 2011 she joined the Development Centre TECOS as a research associate and in 2015 she received her PhD in Bioscience at the Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana.

Her working areas are chemical functionalization of lignocellulosic materials (wood, cellulose nanofibrils and nanowhiskers), study of natural fiber/polymer interface in nanocomposite materials, with a special knowledge on chemistry of lignocellulosic materials, preparation and optimisation of nanocomposite manufacturing processes and characterization techniques for determination of their properties.

She has been working as a member or coordinator on several applied R&D international and national R&D projects and she is the first author of several scientific publications and conference papers.

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